Welcome to the Phoenix Municipal Court Payment Portal.

To pay court financial obligations online or to view what you owe on your Civil Traffic Violation and Complaint, please follow these directions:
  1. Enter your Payment Contract Number, Citation Number (located on the top left-hand side of your complaint), Person Number, or Case Number in the box provided. If you do not have one of these numbers, please check the Public Access to Court Case Information website to obtain a Case Number.
  2. Click the Search button to display the cases eligible for payment.
Disclaimer: This site only displays court financial obligations approved for online payment. You may have other outstanding obligations with the Phoenix Municipal Court. Please contact the court at 602-262-6421 if you have questions.

MVD updates are sent daily and may take up to 72 hours for MVD records to be updated.

The information text below will change as the choices are selected to provide a detailed explanation of where the specific number can be found on any relevant court correspondence or documentation.

Payment Contract Number is is located on your payment contract and/or your payment contract reminder notice.

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